2020 Foam Cannon Tutorial: Blast Away the Dirt From Your Car in a Snap!

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Foam Cannon Tutorial

At least once a week I go to sit in my car and realize that it is covered in dust and filth. I can’t do anything about it either since I’m always on the move. Rarely do I have the time to run to the carwash just so I don’t have to feel embarrassed about the dirty car. Luckily I found a solution to this problem. A foam cannon is what had been missing from my garage for these kinds of situations exactly!

The foam cannon is a special container that takes in a mixture of soap and water and uses a pressure washer to put out a wide stream of snow like foam. The soapy water gains some extra features in its foam form. The foam is much quicker and easier to spread and it also lifts the dirt and other particles from the paint. A foam cannon is a must-have tool for anyone who has ever felt embarrassed about dirty looking cars but simply accepted it because the alternative was a visit to the carwash.

Foam cannon’s anatomy

A foam cannon consists of three parts. A container that holds the soapy water, a nozzle at the top to control the pressure, and a connecting port for your pressure washer. The container is often marked for easy measurement of water amount and soap density. 

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Using a foam cannon efficiently

You can use a foam cannon the right way or you can do what everybody else does and waste time and effort. Here’s our quick step-by-step guide on how to get the most out of the foam cannon.

  1. Rise your car
    Before you spread soap all over your car, you need to rinse it with water. Rinsing makes sure that any big particles or contaminants that are resting on the paint are removed.
  2. Prepare Soap & Water Mixture
    Now use a snow foam mixture like the Chemical Guys’ Honeydew Snow Foam Extreme Suds Cleansing Wash Shampoo. Pour two ounces of soap liquid into the foam cannon’s container and use 16-30 ounces of water. Mix it up by shaking the container a few times.
  3. Spray the foam
    Now attach your foam cannon container to the pressure washer and start spraying the foam over your car. Using a foam cannon, spreading soap over the car is much easier and faster. You can cover your whole car in the soap in under 2 minutes. Once you’re done, let the foam sit on the car’s surface for a few minutes.
  4. Final Rinse
    After a few minutes of spreading the snow foam, rinse the car again. You will be able to see the foam clearly pulling away dirt and filth from the paint job. Giving your car a clean freshly washed look.
  5. Dry the car
    Use a leaf blower or an air pressure unit to dry your car so that you don’t get dry bead stains of water on the surface of your car.

And that’s it! You can be done cleaning your car in 5-10 minutes and be ready to go. No need to drive a dirty car and be embarrassed all day when you can get a quick wash in with a foam cannon.

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