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Top car odor removal products 2019
Top Car Odor Removal Products 2019
August 21, 2019


Washing and detailing is a top priority for anyone who loves their car and is also one of the most important maintenance tasks that one needs to do regularly. You can always take your car to a car wash but it’s not necessarily good for the skin of your car because it can actually strip off the protective layers of wax on it and it can even damage the sensitive paint at some points. You can invest in a car wash kit and wash it off at your own garage, which is always a better option.

These days such wash kits comes with different brand names and different specification products. This article will discuss in detail all the top products and review them, so that next time you go out to buy any car wash kit product, you know exactly what to buy.

There are some features that you should consider first and look out for before buying any car wash kit. These car wash kits can vary considerably depending on the products that come with the kit. Some kits come only the cleaning solutions while others may have specialized washing mitts and brushes as well. But this all depends on your needs, for example if you already have washcloths at home that you feel comfortable to wash your car with, you might not need the specialized ones. But again, it’s always preferred that you used the specialized washing mitts that come with the kit, since they are really good at their job.

Here are some other features of a car washing kit that you should consider when buying one:

  • Safety:

Make sure the detergents and other tools included in the car wash kit is safe to use on the sensitive paint of your vehicle. Most kits are safe, but certain car interior cleaning kits might not be and you must look out for them before buying them.

  • Cleaning Tools:

Make sure to check whether the cleaning tools like, microfiber towels and polishing pads, come with the kit because they help a LOT in doing your job properly. They must be mentioned on the car wash kit’s description, not just on the product picture.

Below mentioned are some of the best car wash kits:

1)   Meguiar’s G55032SP:


Meguiar’s G55032SP Complete Car Care Kit

This product comes with 12-piece Complete Car Care Kit includes the premium-quality products and accessories needed to get your car cleaned, shiny, and protected inside and out. The kit includes products from the brand’s “gold class” line. The 12 items include a shampoo and a conditioner set. The liquid wax in the kit is made from carnauba and polymer.

There’s also a quick detailer and an interior detailer to remove harmful contaminants. Other detailing items include a claying bar, PlastX gel, ScratchX 2.0, microfiber mitt, a towel, and a foam applicator.


This is one of the most complete kits that are out available in the market. The only thing that’s missing with the package is the wash bucket, but I guess you can suffice on that. The shampoo and conditioner are designed in such a way that it removes dirt without harming wax. The conditioner protects the paint while revealing color to the best.

The wax is great for getting a mirror-like shine on any type of car paint. It reflects UV rays back, thus providing some protection against fading. This formula doesn’t leave any swirls.

The brand also feels highly about the fact that that the quick detailer included with the package can detail the car in 15 minutes. It may take some extra while but you get the idea.

This kit is so complete that it even comes with a get that removes clouding from the headlights. You can give your car the final touch by microfiber mitt and towel.

There are so many products that come with the kid that a casual car owner will need some time to get used to what product to use and when to use.

Technical Details:

Item Weight 454 g
Product Dimensions 32 x 24.1 x 21.8 cm
Item model number G55032SP
Manufacturer Part Number G55032SP
Material Others
Size Others
Assembly Required No
Item Weight 454 ams

2)   Chemical Guys HOL148:

Chemical Guys HOL148 Car Wash Bucket Kit

This kit includes a number of cleaners and detailing supplies with a foam gun. Products include car wash soap, quick detail spray, wheel cleaner, glass cleaner, tire shine dressing, and cream wax. This kit is really one of the best in the market.

This kit also comes with a heavy-duty bucket (which can also be used to multi-purposes) in the package. Ton of other products come with it, including but not limited to, microfiber towels, wash mitt, wheel brush and a tire shiner applicator.


No professional car detailing is complete unless the car tires aren’t shining, and what most car wash kits do is that they don’t even include products for tires in the first place, but this brand is considerate enough to include the products for tire wash as well to give your tires a wet-black look. The importance of practicality of this kit could not be overstated.

The kit includes a Honeydew Snow Foam cleaner. It foams like crazy and removes mud, dirt, and salt easily. This foam is applied using a gum to reduce the chance of dirt on the car causing scratches.

The kit also comes with a soft touch brush to give fine detailing to car’s body and tires. The brush has quite soft bristles to make sure it doesn’t cause scratches on the surface of your car.

Technical Details:

Brand ChemicalGuys
Item Weight 6.17 Kg
Package Dimensions 36.8 x 33.8 x 33.5 cm
Item model number HOL148
Manufacturer Part Number HOL148
Volume 2839.06 Milliliters
Material Others
Size Others
Assembly Required No
Item Weight ilograms


3)Trinova Car Wash Kit:

Trinova Car Wash Kit

TriNova Car Wash Kit includes complete detailing supplies for cleaning including Soap, Wax, Tire Shine, Trim Restorer, Wash Mitt, Applicator, Microfiber Towel. Completing the kit are a microfiber glove, wax buff blocks, a rubber grip, trim restorer applicators, and three towels. It really is a very underrated car wash kit.


This professional-type car wash kit is great for detailers as well cleaning obsessives. This kit is suitable for use on the whole car, including the interior, exterior, glass, trims, chrome, and even plastics.

The thing that makes this kit extra-ordinary is the number of cleaning clothes that come with it. It has a wash mitt, washing towels, and a really useful wax buffer. Basically, everything you need is included.

Technical Details:

Brand TriNova
Item Weight 549 g
Package Dimensions 28.6 x 26.4 x 19.4 cm
Item model number 5385713170
Manufacturer Part Number FBA_33906
Foldable No
Material Other
Size Other
Item Weight 549 Grams

4)Armor Car Care Kit:

Armor Car Care Kit

This car care kit comes with a 10 fl. oz. protectant, a 16 fl. oz. Ultra Shine wash and wax product, a 20 fl. oz. tire foam protectant, and 25 glass wipes.

This is not necessarily a car wash kit as it doesn’t come with shampoos or conditioners but the protectant has the ability to remove all the dirt on the car’s surface. Nevertheless, this kit is perfect for the exterior detailing of your car.


The protectant that comes with the kit is so good that, once applied, it protects the car paint against cracking and aging. It can also protect the car from UV radiations.

It also has a conditioner that makes the rubber on tires shine black and protect the original color from fading. However, the shiner doesn’t work on the rim.

Technical Details:

Brand Armor All
Item Weight 1.97 Kg
Product Dimensions 12.7 x 22.9 x 30.5 cm
Item model number 78452
Manufacturer Part Number 78452
OEM Part Number 78452
Foldable No
Material Others
Size Others
Assembly Required No
Item Weight 1.97 Kilograms

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