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Have you ever sat down in your car and immediately felt disgusted with how dirty your dashboard is? There’s tons of crumbs and receipts in the cup holder. Air conditioner fins are all dusty looking. There’s another layer of dust on top of your dashboard. The steering wheel has oily smudges all over and sometimes even sticky. There’s debris of dust and crumbs in every other nook and cranny of the interior as well. Eugh!

The good news is, we have a perfect solution for you! Below is our tried and tested interior detailing routine for your dashboard. It is simple, easy and quick! In just a few minutes, you can have a clean dashboard. Here’s what you are going to need:

Tools Required

Before you begin, make sure you get out any personal items and belongings that you might have anywhere in the car. This will help you avoid the headache of moving stuff around as you clean areas and having to put everything back and switch places.

Once you have everything ready, it’s finally time to get started and clean your dashboard!

Step 1 – Dashboard Top

It’s important that you clean your dashboard from top to bottom. If you randomly start cleaning different surfaces, you are going to significantly increase the time you have to spend on this chore. So, it’s always better to have a structured approach. Which is why we are going to begin with our dashboard top.

If your dashboard only has dust or crumbs on it, you can simply wipe it down with one of the towels. Spray the cleaner onto the towel and then wipe the dashboard’s top until it’s fully clean and you can no longer see any dirt on it.

However, if the dashboard has anything that is not going to go away with a gentle wipe, like soda stains, oil smudges etc, you will need your brushes. Use your interior detailing brushes for this task. Spray the cleaner liquid into your ‘draw’ brush and rub off any stains on your dashboard until you see that it’s clean. Use the towel to wipe away the solution thoroughly and you’re done!

Step 2 – Air Conditioner Fins

The air conditioner fins can be very difficult to properly clean. However, with our special technique you can get them easily cleaned.

Use the ‘draw’ interior detailing brush for this step as well. Spray the liquid cleaner solution directly into the brush and then rub the AC fins to clean them. Make sure to get into the deeper parts of the fins so you can get a satisfactory clean with your brush. However, don’t use too much force lest they break.

Once done, use the towel again to wipe down the dirty solution from the fins. You won’t be able to get the solution fully out. Especially from those deeper parts of the fins and for that we will use the ‘dry’ brush.

Use the ‘dry’ brush to agitate any remaining cleaning solution on the fins and bring it out. Keep wiping it off with the towel. Repeat this process until you have gotten most of the solution out.

Step 3 – Steering Wheel

Cleaning the steering wheel is a simple step but an important one. After all, this is the part you’re going to touch the most with your hands. Spray the cleaning liquid into one of the towels and wipe it off.

Don’t forget to clean behind the steering wheel. Your turn signal and wiper handles. Be thorough and clean around them. After a simple wipe down, if you can still see dust particles and other stuff in the nooks and crannies, use the bristle brush.

Tip: Place your towel over your bristle brush whenever you’re using it to stop it from flinging the liquid everywhere.

Place the bristle brush on top of the towel and spray the cleaner liquid into it. The towel under the brush here helps you avoid any splashes on areas you’ve already cleaned or your seats. 

After applying the cleaner liquid on the bristle brush, use it to get out all the dirt and crumbs from your buttons and handles as well as from areas behind the steering wheel. Keep wiping the dirty solution away with your towels.

Step 4 – Navigation Panel

To clean out the navigation panel, you will need the interior detailing brushes again. There are a lot of places in the navigation panel area where dust can settle in and it can be hard to get to, for example in between buttons, nobs, in the media ports etc.

Which is why we will use the ‘dry’ brush to first clear out all the tight spaces and then use the towel to wipe everything down. Use the bristle brush or the ‘draw’ brush to clean out the hard stains that won’t come out with a simple wipe down.

Pay extra attention to the areas which are touched the most. Examples can be the volume knob, AC knob, audio jack, FM buttons etc. Clean them thoroughly with the bristle brush and wipe down with your towel.

Step 5 – The Center Console

This is the area with the most amount of dust and crumbs. You will have to use your interior detailing brushes to get everything out of the cup holders and from around the center console area.

Spray the cleaner liquid into the ‘draw’ brush and thoroughly brush down the whole area. Use the bristle brush with the cleaner liquid applied to clean the gear knob. This step favors a brute force approach. Brush everything out so that you have a clean center console.

Warning: Whenever you’re using one of the brushes, make sure it’s dust that you’re cleaning out and not the paint pigment from the surface.

Final Step – Final Wipe Down

Now, that you are done, you should wipe all of the dashboard down one more time. Especially if you had your doors open. You’ll notice that dust has already creeped in on the freshly cleaned surfaces.

A final wipe down ensures that when you finally get ready to drive, you come back to a clean dashboard and not a dusty one. It will also help you clean out any remaining cleaner solution and anything else you might have missed.

And voila! You have successfully cleaned your dashboard. Enjoy the drive with a new like dashboard that doesn’t have any gunk and dust on it. A dashboard that you actually want to touch!

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