What Are Swirl Marks And How Can They Be Removed?

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May 9, 2020
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May 17, 2020

Swirl Marks are super fine scratches on a painted surface. Mostly, they are visible under light. These marks are primarily detectable in dark-colored cars. These swirl marks are visible principally on flat surfaces like truck, roof or hood. These marks are not much visible on light-colored cars because they reflect more light. There is a misconception about swirl marks that they are circular. Let me give this straight to you; they can be vertical, horizontal, or sideways.

But there is nothing to worry about; you can get rid of these marks quickly. Wouldn’t it be better if you knew that how come you got these marks in the first place? So, you could’ve prevented that.

Causes of Swirl Marks

Some of the leading causes of swirl marks are:

  • Buffing or polishing with the wrong type of pad
  • Using harsh paint cleaners or polishing compounds
  • Wiping dirt or dust off your car with a dry towel (one of the main reasons)
  • Using a dirty car duster
  • Driving through an automated car wash that uses brushes and other wipers
  • Failure to rinse your car thoroughly before washing
  • Placing a dirty cover over your car

Can wax results in swirl marks?

The simple answer is Yes! The reason that question gets asked a lot is because people don’t associate waxing with swirl marks at all because the car has been thoroughly washed and cleaned. You spend hours and hours hand-washing your car, then polishing it and then buffing but when you take a step back to admire your work, you see some marks. They will surely disappoint you, but don’t be afraid you are not alone in this. It can happen to anyone; even new cars have swirl marks all the time. Waxing can cause swirl marks through the application or removal process. Buffing or polishing the car with hard brushes can leave swirl marks on the vehicle. The waxes which are hard to apply and buff usually result in this process. Keep reading this article to find ways to avoid swirl marks in the first place. If not, we’ve got you covered on how to remove swirl marks.

Are swirl marks permanent?

No, swirl marks are not permanent. You can avoid swirl marks by following some easy steps as well as you can remove them by hand. They can also be deleted by talcum powder. A complete guide on these processes is given below.

How to avoid swirl marks?

Prevention is better than cure. I will get in how to remove swirl marks from your car lately, but first, let me share a tip to avoid swirl marks. This is called a two bucket method.

Take two buckets, fill one with conventional shampoo and water solution, and fill the other one with clean water. Now, as you always wash your car, soak the sponge in car shampoo and use it to clean your vehicle. Now, before going back to the shampoo bucket soak it in cleaning water so that all the grit that gets picked up by your sponge ends in the clean water. In this way, you don’t stop spreading more dirt back to your car.

How to remove swirl marks from a car by hand?

Swirl marks are microscopic scratches in the transparent layer. You wouldn’t even notice them in normal circumstances. They are generally not at all visible in cars parked in garages, carports, or any other shaded locations. First of all, the methods you can use to remove swirl marks depend on how deeply the marks are etched in the paintwork. Just drag your fingernails over the marks, and you’ll come to know the depth of marks. If these marks are more in-depth, you might need to paint the scratchy areas of your car. And if they are not that deep, you can use an electric polisher, or you can polish them by hand.

  • Electric Polisher

Electric Polisher Machine also is known as the rotating wheel can help you repaint the shallow scratchy areas of your car. First of all, you have to smear your car with polish and then move the polisher back and forth on the surface. This movement will heat the top coat of paint and melts it. The melted color will course through the shallow scratches and fill them. But there are some consequences to these actions, and you don’t want to do use these polishers for long. Why? Because with repeated heating the paintwork can degrade to such an extent that it would need a complete repaint for the car.

  • Car Cleaning Products and Equipment

You can use specially formulated car-cleaning soaps. If the car’s surface is soiled, a pressure washer or a foam cannon can soften the dirt before you soap the surface. If your area is experiencing water-scarcity, you can use a waterless car wash. Just spray it on your car’s exterior and then wipe it off with a microfiber cloth.

Remove Swirl marks with talcum powder

You might be surprised to hear, but Talcum powder is a useful product to remove swirl marks off your car. You have to apply the product on the productive areas and then wipe it clean with a microfiber towel. You can use baby powder for this purpose. It might sound hilarious, but it’s true; you can use baby powder (which contains talcum powder) to remove swirl marks from your car.

How to avoid swirl marks on black cars?

The best part of owning a black car in the first place is catching your reflection in that deep, dark, mirror-like shine. Black paint doesn’t scratch any easier than any other color; it just shows up more due to the white appearance of the clear coat when scratched — usually, the result of careless washing, as even tiny dirt particles can cause damage as you grind them into the paint.

Avoid at any cost the spinning brushes at an automatic car wash, or even a professional hand wash where you don’t know their reputation. Better to go touch-free — and do it yourself to harness better car wash results. Now, here are a few steps to avoid swirl marks on black cars.

  • First, remove as much grime as possible before scrubbing, with a high-pressure hose-down.
  • Use two buckets to keep the dirty rinse water and clean soapy water separate to prevent fragments from contaminating your scrubbing water.
    • Don’t use dish soap to clean your car! It could strip away your wax or sealant. Instead buy a car-wash solution intended for the job, which minimizes friction.
    • Use a high-quality microfiber chenille mitt, starting at the top of the car, working your way down, and rinsing the glove in your plain-water bucket to dislodge debris as you go.
    • You might even spring for a Grit Guard to trap crud in your rinse bucket, so it doesn’t end up back on your mitt.
    • For drying, use a scratch-free microfiber towel, but don’t just drag it across the surface.
    • Lay the cloth over a wet spot and pat it, or at least use delicate, slow, soft motions.

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